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London Chrysler Parts and Your Chrysler Warranty
One of the reasons that our London Chrysler service department recommends and uses Chrysler parts when we repair our customers' vehicles is that in many cases Chrysler may require their parts be used in order to maintain the validity of the warranty. Over the years, Chrysler has become known for the fantastic and comprehensive warranties that they provide on their model lines. We don't want our customers to have any issue with being able to rely on these great warranties by using an inferior, cheaper part, and costing themselves potentially thousands of dollars in the long run.

London Chrysler Parts and Long-Term Value
London Chrysler technicians prefer to use Chrysler parts rather than aftermarket alternatives because they fit better and usually require less time on behalf of the technician. Frequently in a repair situation, using Chrysler parts may cost slightly more for the actual part, but save more money in labor because they are easier and faster to install.

London Chrysler Parts Safety
One of the reasons that Chrysler may require their factory parts to maintain your warranty is that these parts tend to not only fit better and last longer, but also be SAFER in London! It's not simply a manufacturer selling tool. Consumer Reports in their October 2010 edition said "Don't let your insurance company pressure you into using aftermarket collision-repair body parts, especially safety-related ones. If your car has already been repaired, check your invoices or ask your insurer to see whether aftermarket parts were used. If knockoffs were used, demand that they be replaced with original equipment."

 London Chrysler Parts Total Cost of Ownership
When our Chrysler service technician uses a Chrysler part during a service appointment, it's not only about safety, your warranty, and the labor cost, but also the long-term maintenance cost for your vehicle. There are many aftermarket parts (especially parts like London brake pads and rotors) that wear out much faster than the Chrysler parts. If you have to change these twice as often, and pay for the labor each time, your lifetime cost of having an inferior part that may take your vehicle out of warranty is higher than it would have been by using actual London Chrysler brake parts.

Chrysler Parts
At Ken Ganley Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram, we sell Chrysler Parts to our customers because we believe in the quality and value that they ensure. Frequently we will have customers ask why they should use Chrysler Parts when aftermarket parts cost less and are sold as "comparable" to Chrysler Parts. They may be cheaper, but that doesn't factor in: total cost of ownership, warranty impact, labor, and the customers' time and safety.
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